Benefits of Mobile Apps

Early 2007 was the beginning of smartphone era with Steve Jobs introducing the revolutionary IPhone and then Samsung with their Smartphones to compete with then leading phone makers like Nokia, BlackBerry, HTC and Sony-Ercisson.

This created the platform for mobile apps.

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The two biggest app stores are App Store for IOS and Google Play for Android. Other major App Stores are Microsoft’s Windows App Store for their Windows Phone and BlackBerry World – App Store for their BlackBerry Phones.

IOS and Android based Apps are most preferred mainly due to the Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Mobile Apps were initially focused more towards gaming and music / video streaming.

Over the years, Mobile Apps has become more relevant for creating and delivering valuable content a preferred alternate to an official website. Mobile Technology has transformed many businesses the way they operate and serve customers.

“With the rise of beacons and Geo-targeting, it’s become increasingly easy to target key users with location-specific, time-sensitive messages via mobile apps”

Mobile Apps provides a good platform for businesses to offer a wide range of products and service to their customers and reach out to new customers. They can connect with their customers on real time to provide valuable information and offers.

 Let us review, some of the benefits of Mobile Apps that are used in the business world:

Mobile Apps – Banking & Financial Services

It is increasingly important and a point of differentiation for banks as they battle to retain existing and lure new customers. Customers now able to do everything on their phones that they can do in a branch or online banking over the web. Some of unique feature are check deposits, bill pay and transfer money:

  • Manage Accounts – Access your account balances instantly and Set up real-time notifications for your account activity.
  • Mobile Payments – Make bill payments from the app easily and efficiently.
  • Mobile Deposits – Just point and click to deposit checks from almost anywhere, anytime.
  • Mobile TradingTrade anytime, anywhere: Trade stocks, options, ETFs, and mutual funds.
  • Making a Transfer – Schedule Transfer.
  • Location Services: Locate a Branch or ATM.

Mobile Apps – Healthcare

It’s not hard to understand the appeal of mobile healthcare apps. Mobile Apps are more convenient and easy to interact with healthcare provider, and they provide a continuous stream of information.

  • Notification Center – Access new information alerts and access health records.
  • Quick Access – review your lists of medications and upcoming appointments.
  • Send a message, schedule an appointment, or refill medications.

Mobile Apps – Auto

Everything from policy and claim information to digital ID cards and accident support. Mobile apps provide you with the tools you need:

  • Digital ID cards – proof of Insurance.
  • Policy Documents – view policy documents.
  • Manage Claims – start a claim or track any changes or updates.
  • Roadside Assistance – get roadside assistance.

Mobile Apps – Shopping

Mobile shopping doesn’t just mean visiting a retailer’s website and making purchases using a mobile phone. Today, the latest mobile app technology is turning smartphone users into smart shoppers as well. Let us look at some of the common features:

  • Mobile Wallet – Shop and Pay online / in-store.
  • Account Services – Loyalty Programs like Review and Redeem Reward points.
  • Location Services & Notification – Locate a store near you and get Promotions/Coupons for online & in-store.

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