Benefits of Application Programming Interface (API)

 You’ve probably using an API while reading this article.

So, what is API?

Why is it important to know what it is?

What is API?

Application Programming Interface referred in short as “API”. It is a software programming written to allow application to talk (send and receive data) to each other.

Traditional Method

API are used in application libraries and frameworks, operating systems, database system or device hardware. Nowadays, API are used to provide a layer of security too!

API Model

Common Examples:

Some of the common examples where an API enables you to connect with one or more application to perform the desired service:

  • Mobile Deposits – Deposit checks from almost anywhere, anytime
  • Online Booking – Book flights, cars, and hotels (Expedia, Groupon and many more…)
  • Online Order – Order Food, Print Photos, Merchandise, Grocery and many more (Amazon, Walmart, Eat24 and many more…)
  • Language Translator – Google /Skype translator and many more…
  • Location and Navigation Services: Using a Google Map and many more….

Benefits of API?

Providing, API access allows for content to be created once and automatically published or made available to many channels. Businesses in every industry have benefited by adopting an API-led approach to connectivity:

  • Explore new markets – Expand domestic and foreign market presence
  • Cloud Infrastructure – Improve efficiency and connectivity
  • Automation – Improve Sales and Customer Satisfaction
  • Digitization – Product and Services

What we do?

We can help create application that can seamlessly connect instantly. Our technology expertise, architecture solutions capability and program management skills help our customers to integrate and acquire new capabilities for systems that span both mainstream and emerging technologies.

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