Power of Machine Learning

Many of us wonder – how does an app or a website is able to recommend me with the results based on my search query or based on my browsing history?

With the rise of digital age – Businesses are present with a stiff challenge to understand the need of the users. Businesses need to provide relevant content to users that can help them to make the purchase decision.

Machine learning has tremendous potential to transform companies; with the right mix of technical skill and human judgment, machine learning can be a useful new tool for decision-makers.

What is a Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a technique in which computers learn from data without human intervention to obtain insight.


Machine learning helps developers create predictive models to build smart applications. Many data based learning and decision systems are developed in areas of Finance, Healthcare, Retail, and E-commerce. Such models can filter out the user data and tag it to the relevant content.

What do machine learning do?

The most common application of machine learning tools is to make predictions. Here are few examples:

  • Face detection, object recognition, speech recognition, hand writing recognition, machine translation, email spam classification.
  • Understanding Customer Behavior.
  • Making personalized recommendations for customers Ex: YouTube Video Recommendation, Amazon/Wal-Mart product recommendation.
  • Sort through user uploads – Blog Sites.

What we do?


We build smart and scalable applications that can bring life to data and help you to understand – what it is? what it can do? and what to watch out for when using it.



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