Essentials of Bots

Essentials of Bots

You’ve probably heard about bots a lot lately, how they are here to make our lives easier.

What is a bot?

Bots are around since the beginning of Internet. It is an application that is designed to automate the kinds of tasks you would usually do on your own, like making a dinner reservation, adding an appointment to your calendar or fetching and displaying information.

Bots are everywhere in technology; the increasingly common form of bots are chat bots. Chat bots can simulate conversation with you to accomplish a task. They often live inside messaging apps in channels like Facebook, Skype, Google, Slack and Twitter.

What can bots do?

Bots can help you to order food, shop for clothes, save money, news and weather updates. You can integrate a chat bots to your social media site, let say your Facebook page to allow your customer to interact instantly by clicking the message icon to initiate a dialogue to get their response instantly.

Most Enterprises have chat bots integrated with their website let it be a pre-sale or support services. This helps their customers to get the help or the information right way. Said that not all request can be managed by the bots at least for now.

Common Examples

Add bots to your social media messenger

Here are the commonly used bots which you get to connect through Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Slack, Skype, Twitter and many more platforms:






  • HIPMUNK – super powered travel assistant who can dig tons of travel options.
  • IFTTT – creates automated recipes to connect apps, devices and website you love.
  • MURPHY – will find and create images for your what if questions.
  • PONCO – personal weather forecast.
  • ZOOM – your personal automated assistant can schedule meetings.

Consumer technology in social media helped streamline conversations, and now bots can automate them. Not all bots are smart at this point. As bot technology improves, the thinking is that bots will be able to automate all kinds of things.

What we do?

We build and connect bots that can interact with users naturally wherever they are. Bot technology can be used to help serve customers and improve customer experience may it be a website or app.


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